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About Us

Welcome to a World of Compassion and Change

Don Bosco Fambul (DBF) is a Local Non-Governmental Organisation that helps minors and young people who live in situations of high vulnerability in Sierra Leone. We provide comprehensive support, by reuniting children with their families and empowering them with education and skills training.

Our programs include reaching out to vulnerable Indviduals on the streets through our mighty bus program to offer them assistance and support.

We provide shelters and therapy for minors who have experienced abuse or are involved in commercial sex, through rehabilitation. A programme that provides education and psychosocial support to inmates at Pademba Prison. A nationwide 24-Hour Free hotline for counselling and referral of cases. Additionally, the Hope Plus programme offers education and skills training to out-of-shelter girls who live in a situation of commericial sex.

Protect Children & Youth

United Against Gender-Based Violence

Report all forms of Violence against Children and Youths

Our Projects

Don Bosco Fambul Fort Street

Pademba Prison Project



Hope Plus

Don Bosco Fambul Therapy Center

Child Care Center

Group Home

Girl Shelter

Girl Shelter Plus

Therapy Center

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Make a meaningful impact in the heart of Sierra Leone by supporting Don Bosco Fambul. Your donation becomes a lifeline, empowering children, teenagers, and young people with hope, education, and a chance for a brighter future. Join us in building a better Sierra Leone, one contribution at a time.

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