Don Bosco Fambul Therapy Center

Child Care Center

The Child Care Center is the oldest shelter of Don Bosco Fambul. It cares for boys who have suffered abuse of all kinds and those in contact or conflict with the law.

Group Home

Group Home Shelter takes care of beneficiaries that are either rejected by their immediate care givers or couldn’t be reunited. We presently have 21 boys in our home.

Girl Shelter

The Don Bosco Fambul Girl shelter is designed to meet the needs of underage girls that have survived violence of all sorts in our communities especially in remote communities.

Girl Shelter Plus

Girl Shelter Plus cares for girls who survived sexual and gender-based violence and for minors in commercial sex work.

Therapy Center

Don Bosco Fambul Therapy Center is the first and one of the biggest in Sierra Leone. We offer therapeutic sessions for minors and survivors of all form of abuse. We strengthen young and child mothers’ early attachment bonds. we also do an extensive analysis of the childs’ trauma and create a working healing plan

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