Group Home

The Group Home project is a dedicated initiative designed to address the unique needs of boys who due to various circumstances cannot be reunified with their families. Our unwavering mission is to guide these boys toward independence and productivity through a comprehensive approach that encompasses education, skills training, counseling, and holistic support.
We provide comprehensive educational packages for our school-going boys, covering school fees, charges, uniforms, shoes, bags, textbooks, transportation, lunch, and extra classes. Also, regular follow-ups at their respective schools ensure a hands-on approach to monitor and support their academic performances.
Boys engaged in skills training receive meticulous monitoring, encompassing both practical and theoretical classes. We equip them with necessary safety gear for hands-on job training, preparing them for real-world scenarios.
Future aspirations are paramount, those meeting requirements are enrolled in college, fostering a path toward self-sufficiency.
Individual and group counseling sessions play a pivotal role in addressing the emotional needs of the boys. Recreational facilities and therapeutic approaches, including psychomotricity sessions conducted by our skilled psychomotricians, contribute to their overall well-being.
Graduates from skills training programs receive start-up kits, ensuring a seamless transition into their daily lives with the tools they need to thrive independently.
At the Group Home, we don’t just provide shelter, we foster an environment where these boys can dream, learn, and ultimately become self-sufficient contributors to society. Join us in nurturing futures and fostering independence.

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