Don Bosco Fambul Fort Street

Pademba Prison Project

The Pademba Prison Project offers psychosocial support, feeding, education and legal support within the prison with focus on the most vulnerable inmates. The Pademba Prison Project also offers trainings for inmates for after their prison time.

Don Bosco Mobil

The mobil outreach runs in high risk area for street children and minors in commercial sex work within Freetown Western Area Urban. The beneficiaries

receive psychosocial support, medical check-ups and counselling.

Don Bosco Childline

The Childline is a toll-free line that works 24/7 with trained staff who respond to emergency and referral calls of voilence against minor. It is confidential and free on every network.

Hope Plus

Hope Plus project empowers girls in a situation of commercial sex, through skills training in Catering, Tailoring or Hair Dressing, and an opportunity to get formal education.

Eco Project

The Eco Project focuses on advocating for the reduction of plastic waste and increasing tree planting. We do training, raise awareness, plant trees and recycle plastic waste to mediate the current environmental problems.

Caring for our environment and protecting it have become our primary concerns. As we safeguard minors, we want to ensure their future is safe and free from unnatural disasters. We also have our very own PLASTIC RECYCLING CENTER.

Protect Children & Youth

United Against Gender-Based Violence

Report all forms of Violence against Children and Youths

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