The Childline Project at Don Bosco Fambul stands as a bastion for the defense of children and youth in Sierra Leone. Committed to protection and awareness-raising initiatives, this vital endeavor acts as a lifeline for those facing various forms of violence. With a focus on immediate support, effective intervention, and advocacy, the Childline Project becomes an advocate for the rights and well-being of children and youth, fostering a safer environment. The team at Childline undertakes initiatives to raise awareness about different types of violence, empowering communities to take a stand.

For immediate assistance, reach out to us through our dedicated toll-free helpline at 525, accessible across all networks in Sierra Leone. Each call contributes to creating a safer environment and amplifying the voices that need it most. At the Childline Project, we believe in proactive defense, building a resilient foundation for the future of children and youth in Sierra Leone.

Help us fortify this defense and foster a community where every child’s right to safety and well-being is protected. Support the Childline Project today. Your contribution matters.

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