Therapy Center

The Therapy Centre, inaugurated during our 25th Silver Jubilee celebration, stands as a beacon of emotional and psychological support for our beneficiaries who have endured various forms of abuse, including abandonment and children with behavioral disorders.

Our holistic approach encompasses methodologies such as Psychomotricity led by our psychometrician, Strong Bond Strong Pikin intervention facilitated by our dedicated professionals, and mental health assessment and counseling by our clinical psychologist. Crucially, our focus lies in working with each child based on their abilities rather than difficulties.


With 241 psychomotricity sessions conducted, involving over 300 beneficiaries from all our shelters, the Therapy Centre fosters a confident environment where beneficiaries can express their emotions and unleash their full potential.

The Strong Bond Strong Pikin, has held a program where 14 child mothers, 4 social workers, and 35 caregivers and mothers from the surrounding communities participated and are certified. This program not only increases awareness of the importance of good treatment but also contributes to reducing repressive behaviors towards children.

At the Therapy Centre, we continue to strive for a space where healing, growth, and transformation become integral components of every beneficiary’s journey.

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