Child Care Center

Founded in 1998 as separate residential and family tracing departments, the Child Care Centre (CCC) at Don Bosco Fambul underwent a significant evolution in 2019. Merging both departments, it emerged as a comprehensive shelter dedicated to the welfare of vulnerable boys living on the streets of Freetown and its surroundings. Our mission is rooted in the robust assessment, rehabilitation, and successful reintegration of these young lives, aligning with the principles of the Child Rights Act.

Over the years, CCC has contacted and reached out to over 8000 boys living on the streets, facilitating the successful reunification of more than 5000 with their families. Our commitment goes beyond shelter, extending to educational and skill development.

We assist boys in accessing formal educational opportunities, ensuring they have the chance to build a foundation for their future. Additionally, we provide informal school sessions on our campus, nurturing their academic growth. Skills training in cultural dance, modern dance, art and craft, and more enrich their lives and foster creativity.

At CCC, we believe in the power of cultural appreciation. Through cultural dance, modern dance, art and craft, we encourage creativity and self-expression among the boys in our care.

Join us in our commitment to transforming lives, providing a nurturing environment where every boy finds a sense of belonging, receives quality education, acquires valuable skills, and rediscovers the joy of childhood.

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