Girl Shelter

Established in 2011, the Laura Vicuna Girls Shelter is a haven for vulnerable girls aged eighteen and below who face various forms of abuse. Our commitment to their well-being stems from referrals received from key sources—the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs and the Family Support Unit of the Sierra Leone Police.

Operational 24/7, our shelter is staffed with compassionate social workers and dedicated junior staff who address the psychological needs of these children. The rehabilitation process includes recreational facilities designed to help them recover from various traumatic situations. Each beneficiary is assigned a case manager to guide them through crisis intervention, providing unwavering support during every step of their journey.

Our approach involves providing medical support, facilitating police investigations, visiting crime scenes, accompanying beneficiaries to court proceedings, conducting family tracing, mediation, and working towards the ultimate goal of family reunification.

Partners and concerned individuals can reach out to us through the toll-free line (525).
We recognize the unique challenges presented by different cases. For instance, cases involving sexual penetration demand a more intricate approach due to their devastating impact on the child’s well-being.

The primary goal of the Laura Vicuna Girls Shelter is to ensure justice for survivors and to reunify them with their families of origin. We prioritize their mental stability before completing the reunification process, fostering an environment of healing and empowerment.

At the Laura Vicuna Girls Shelter, our commitment extends beyond the shelter walls. After successful family reunification, our beneficiaries are not only reintegrated into the warmth of their families but are also equipped with tools for a brighter future.
Every reunified girl is offered a scholarship for formal education, ensuring that they have the opportunity to pursue academic excellence. We believe in the transformative power of education to unlock doors of possibility.

Recognizing the diverse aspirations of our beneficiaries, those inclined towards acquiring vocational skills are enrolled in reputable training institutions. Whether it’s mastering a trade, developing entrepreneurial skills, or pursuing creative endeavors, we stand beside them on their journey to skill mastery.

Your support empowers these girls on their journey to healing and justice. Follow our mission as we strive to create a world where every child can reclaim their right to a safe nurturing environment and also empowered after being reunified.

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