Success story of Mariama Fofanah

Mariama Fofanah was contacted by our staff during our regular night assessment work in 2017 when she was engaged in commercial sex work as a means of survival and to provide for her family.

Poverty, peer influence, and lack of support for her education were cited as the major factors for her engagement in commercial sex work, alongside the loss of her parents, particularly her father who had been her main source of support. With 4 younger siblings to support, she endured significant abuse from men during her time on the streets, leading to depression, trauma, and suicidal thoughts.

Despite feeling hopeless and turning to harmful coping mechanisms, her contact with Don Bosco Mobil provided her hope and assurance of a brighter future. After expressing a willingness to change and the support of our services, Mariama successfully transitioned away from street and commercial sex work within a year. Despite her involvement in a tragic accident in 2021, Mariama remains committed to pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer and a human rights activist. 

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