Our beneficiaries welcomed 250 children from neighboring communities to our campus, setting the stage for a day filled with vibrant festivities.

Before the ticket games kicked off, the morning began with an insightful workshop on the life of Don Bosco, led by our director, Fr. Piotr Wojnarokswi. Laughter echoed through the air as they engaged in various games, from the classic sack race, fishing the bottle to thrilling penalty shootouts and more.

What made it even more special? Every triumphant moment earned them tickets, becoming a passport to exciting prizes. This heartwarming day not only celebrated unity but also created lasting memories of joy and shared experiences.

As we continue these joyous activities leading up to the grand celebration on January 31, may Don Bosco’s guiding light illuminate our path, bringing blessings of unity, love, and prosperity to all our beneficiaries, supporters, and the communities we serve.

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