The Youth Empowerment Drive Continues At Don Bosco Fambul

           Saturday 19th, June, 2021, Lunsar Town, Northwestern Sierra Leone

Seven girls from the Lunsar Group Homes under the Girls’ Shelter Plus Project of Don Bosco Fambul on the above date graduated in different skills from the Maria Ines Vocational Training Centre in Lunsar town. The seven girls had once despair in life because of their history but with the providence of God, help of donor partners and the passion of father Jorge Mario Crisafulli and dedicated staff, their stories have been transformed.

The seven girls were trained in cosmetology catering and hair dressing and through the support of donor partners and the management of Don Bosco Fambul, they are now worthy citizens who will help develop the economy of Sierra Leone through the help of donor partners and the management and staff of Don Bosco Fambul.  

Sierra Leoneans will never forget father Jorge Mario for his zest and commitment in making sure vulnerable young people are taken from the street and empowered to become fruitful citizens of Sierra Leone. Some of these were once outcast in their respective families because of what they were engaged in, but today same are proud of them because of the transformation they have gone through. 

                                  Many thanks to donor partners including Patricia  

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