Don Bosco Fambul Commemorate the Day of the African Child on June 16th

16th June, 2021, During Town, Western Area Rural District

Being the leading Child Protection and rehabilitation agency in Sierra Leone, Don Bosco Fambul on the above date of every year commemorate the Day of the African Child with their beneficiaries.

This year’s occasion was a remarkable one as the cultures and traditions of four African nations, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt were mimicked in a poetic way. Their history of child protection and how they care for children in the 21st century were all narrated by the beneficiaries.

There were judges present to assess the country with the best presentation as the competition was academically tensed, but very friendly. Sierra Leone emerged as the winner as both the King and Queen representing Sierra Leone stole the show. Other activities were conducted to reduce the trauma on some beneficiaries with sad stories of sexual abuse, torture, trafficking etc.  

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