Don Bosco Fambul Facilitate The Release Of Six Inmates From The Waterloo Correctional Facility

Friday 25th June, 20121, Waterloo Correctional Facility, Western Area Rural District

Many souls have perished in prisons across Sierra Leone for minor and bailable offences because many cannot afford the cost to pay their fines, and alternatively they bear the brunt and stench of the prison walls.

Don Bosco Fambul, being a youth empowerment organization has over the years through its legal sector under the Pademba Prison Project has facilitated the release of hundreds of young people incarcerated for misdemeanor and other minor offences including traffic offences.

On the above date through the providence of God and the penchant the Director , Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli has for the wellbeing and growth of young people ,facilitated the release of six young men from the Waterloo Correction al Facility in the Western Area District and one woman from the Female Correctional Facility in Freetown . Don Bosco Fambul has also established a computer laboratory at the same facility to train inmates in computer skills for them to be easily reintegrated into society when they would have eventually serving their prison sentences

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