Family rejection for residential boys

Don Bosco Fambul Child Care Center department normally commence a night assessment and recruitment for street boys and this process usually last for one month before the final recruitment process for the rehabilitation program. These has been a major challenge for the department and it has slow down a lot of reunification and reconnection process, in order to perform an effective and efficient work accordingly .on the other hand, family rejection seems to be a deterrent to our work and a total disturbance to the entire process of the work.

Why night assessment and recruitment process are so important

However, during night assessment and recruitment process, beneficiaries are been ask to explain exactly about their family situation and their problems that led them on the street and by doing so, social workers are taken the lead to visit or commence a family tracing to various homes in order to ascertain the information gathered from that particular beneficiary, as to further perform a mediation and to also process the information given by the parent or particular member of the family.

How mediation process is carried out with family members

After all necessary discussion and mediation with the parent and other family members, these family members normally tend to reject or ignore the social worker with Strong feelings and words in order to discourage the case manager related their biological son as to finally reject him in the home. Most parents have been doing this to their wards and son due to their experience on the street and their way of life in the community.

Government involvement in rejection cases

Conclusively, social workers normally involve the government ministry that is responsible for children in order to further mediate between the parent and the boy, but by their refusal, the government normally takes decision against the parent for neglecting their son, as they are the custodian of their son.

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