Child Care Centre

Boys living on the street are rehabilitated in order to be reunified with their families. For their reintegration into the society many of them are granted after reunification with a scholarship to continue their studies in the school or follow a skills training course.

Child Care Centre (CCC) is a programme that shelter children who due to misplacement of money (one dollar) or loss of the items that were given to them to sell whereby are afraid to return back home end up choosing to stay on the street. However, with the help of our social workers we visit these boys in the night at the market places, street corners, etc. counselling them to stay off the street, better still visit our centre for a rehabilitation programme for about five months. About 50 boys are recruited into our shelter and we provide for them psycho-social support that every child needs. This last for nine months before we eventually reunify them with their parents or family members.

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