Don Bosco Fambul Celebrate the feast of Mary Help of Christians

Monday 21st May, 2021, During town, Western Area Rural District

Salesians of Don Bosco on the above date marked the celebration of the Feast of Mary Help of Christians. The occasion is celebrated by the Catholic Church all over the world, but the Salesians of Don Bosco atoned some special significance to the day because of its biblical importance and the Sainthood of Mama Mary, Mother of Lord Jesus Christ.

Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli in emphasizing the holiness of Mama Mary, narrated   a story from the Bible where during a wedding in Galilei, the people ran out of wine and the decided to meet Mama Mary and explained to her about the unfortunate situation. Mama Mary then his son, Lord Jesus Christ and prevailed on him to salvage the situation. Though the Lord Jesus Christ was a bit furious, but he however listen to his mother’s request and then performed a miracle by turning all the water in the occasion into wine and the people had enough wine to continue the wedding programme.

Shown here is Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli and his Deputy father Sergej Goman conducting a Mass for beneficiaries and staff of Don Bosco Fambul at the New Don Bosco Fambul land at During Town  

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