Don Bosco Fambul supports inmates that have been released

The Don Bosco Pademba Prison project started operations in Sierra Leone maximum Prison now called the Sierra Leone Correctional Center in the year 2014. 

How we handled transportation for discharged or released inmates

With the Pademba Prison Project, we give support to inmates after they are released from Prison. For that, we give transportation to reach their home, relatives or loved once. Most of them don’t have means of going back home. The Correctional Center does not give them money after they are released from prison.

Most inmates are coming from the province which is very difficult for them to reach home. In case inmates do not know the way home, especially who coming from the villages or province, we do accompany them to the bus park so that they can take bus to their respective homes. 

How we give food support to inmates that are freed from prison

First thing we observe when they are coming out, most of the inmates are really malnourished, so they need more food to eat in order to build up their body. That’s why, we as an NGO, help them with food items like rice, beans, macaroni, etc… so that they can have some food stuffs to take home and start life.

Clothing support given to released inmates

Since the Correctional Service Authorities are unable to provide clothes after their release, most inmates face the problem of acquiring them. Different is the case for the inmates in Prison. They give them a uniform called jumper. And then, we do provide them with clothing and slippers when coming out of Prison.

We support inmates with business plan

For some inmates who want to do or have business know how. We can support them with some money to do the kind of business they want to do. Few of them have been supported as a start. 

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