Don Bosco Fambul Launches Anti-trafficking Campaign with Documentary on Child Prostitution

Don Bosco FAMBUL has launched a documentary titled LOVE, which shows the harsh reality of children in prostitution at an event designed to also launch their Flagship Campaign known as ‘ Breaking the silence’. The documentary is aimed at bringing the attention of the public what life is like for children who find it difficult to survive as a result of poverty and poor family upbringing. The event, which was held at the Don Bosco Hall on Wednesday 30th May 2018, was followed by a press conference.

In his opening statement the director of Don Bosco Fambul Rev Father Joge Mario Crissafulli told the public and members of the press present that breaking the silence on the subject of human trafficking and child prostitution would inform the public, especially boys and girls nationwide about the dangers of human trafficking. He said the film is a product of the nationwide anti-trafficking campaign named ‘Breaking the silence’, in which Don Bosco Fambul has been involved since 2016.

He also revealed that in July 2016, Don Bosco Fambul established a shelter for girls plus a department responsible to transform under-age girls who are caught up in the issues of prostitution and as a result, 160 girls have been traced, brought to the shelter and reunified with families. He said some of them are now either engaged in skills training, going to school or are doing their own businesses.

The Minister of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs, Madam Baindu Dassama said in a short statement that she is impressed with the work of Don Bosco in the country and that she is ready to work with Don Bosco to help protect the rights of children and girls in Sierra Leone. Madam Dassama also said that what she saw in the documentary on child prostitution makes her more determined to work with all child protection agencies to bring to book all perpetrators who abuse young girls in Sierra Leone.

Other speakers at the ceremony, included Janet Nickel from World Hope International, Adrian Fisher, a former Magistrate, now public relations officer from the office of the Attorney General and a representative of the Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese, Reverend Father Joseph D. Miles. All expressed their total support for the Campaign and willingness to use their officeS to ensure child molestation and prostitution is stopped in Sierra Leone.

A highlight of the programme was when two Don Bosco supported girls, Augusta and Elizabeth who are now regarded as role models to all underage girls engaged in prostitution, told their stories about how Don Bosco saved them from the streets and has transformed their lives. One of them Augusta, said she is now a staff trainer at the Don Bosco Girls Shelter, a shelter for underage girls who were engaged in prostitution.

At the close of the ceremony, the Public Communication Officer of Don Bosco Fambul, John Ngegba expressed thanks and appreciation to all Child Protection Organizations and the Minister of Social Welfare for gracing the occasion. He said the anti-trafficking campaign will reach out to every District and Chiefdom in Sierra Leone including schools and communities and that through the Don Bosco child line, 323, cases will be reported and pursued at short notice.

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