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Don Bosco Fambul Director Fr Jorge Crisafulli and The First Lady of sierra Leone Mrs Fatima Bio attends the 38th session of the United Nations Human Rights council in Geneva Switzerland on the theme GIRLS WITH NO NAME.

It could be recalled that in April this year the Director of Don Bosco Fambul Fr Jorge Mario Crisafulli launched a documentary titled LOVE throughout Europe and Sierra Leone, a documentary that explains the story of teenage and underage girls who took up prostitution as a means of survival.

At the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland the first lady of Sierra Leone Mrs Fatima Bio who attended upon the invitation by Don Bosco Fambul. In her statement she made an emotional plea for all present to focus on Sierra Leone to fight against child prostitution. She furthered that as a first lady of sierra Leone she has no powers to make the laws but she will ensure to raise awareness of this menace that is disturbing our society. She said Don Bosco as an NGO is doing extremely well to solving some of the problems of child prostitution in Sierra Leone.

The First Lady said as an advocate of women she will continue to bring to the international stage the plights of women in Sierra Leone and to further bring to the attention of the world the abuses these women especially underaged girls go through in their daily lives. Her Excellency told the gathering that her husbands free education agenda is aimed at giving opportunity to everyone especially these girls as it will serve as one of the key benefits to fight against child prostitution.

Women and children are the most vulnerable of our society as evidence in the 11years civil war, the devastating Ebola and recently the August 14th 2017 Mudslide and flash floods which claimed the lives of over 600 Sierra leoneans mostly women and children she concluded.

Don Bosco fambul has therefore vowed to work with the office of the first lady to ensure that we give a name to this girls with no names and identify and to further bring to the attention of Sierra Leoneans and the international community that these girls are the most marginalized in our society and therefore we should all help to change there story that will be beneficial to them, their families and to the general good of our nation.

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