Rehabilitation of Prison facility

Don Bosco Fambul

 Rehabilitate Correctional

 Service Facilities

   In Freetown 

By Don Bosco PR Department

The Director of Don Bosco Fambul, Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli yesterday, 6th July 2020 handover newly rehabilitated Female observation Centre at the Special Court Complex correctional facility in Freetown. 

The female observation centre where inmates taken to the correctional centre are observed for corona virus symptoms was not in hygienic condition before and Don Bosco Fambul through its prison project decided to rehabilitate the facility and hand it over to the authorities.

The Chief Commanding office at the Female Correctional Mrs Irene Sesay expressed thanks and appreciation to Don Bosco Fambul for what they have done to change the looks of the Covid-19 observation centre as it was in a very bad shape especially the toilets facility. She state that, the contacted Don Bosco to see how far that problem could be fixed and Don Bosco responded and rehabilitated the facility with modern flush toilets seats, ventilated doors and other fittings.

Mrs Irene Sesay and other prison officers pleaded with Father Jorge to construct for them a tailoring workshop where they would be training the female inmates. She concluded by thanking the management of Don Bosco Fambul for what they have Don for the female inmates and the general support they have been giving the correctional service across the country.

The reintegration centre has also been identified by Don Bosco and it rehabilitation will commence soonest.

Don Bosco Fambul also constructed a new toilets facility for the male inmate at the same Special Court Complex and renovated other facilities. The Deputy National Publicity Chief Officer Nanah Sesay thank the management of  Don for what they have done in changing the looks of both the male and female  correctional facilities at both Pademba Road and at the Special Court Complex. 

At the Pademba Road Maximum Correctional Centre, officers complain of their difficulties on accessing sufficient water for inmates and that one of the Milla Tanks has damaged. They pleaded with the Don Bosco Management to help them salvage that problem. Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli promised to contact a German Engineer to see how best the problem of water shortage could be solved.

The management of Don Bosco Fambul has also reset the Computer Lab with 20 brand new computers to resume the computer course for inmates at the Pademba Road Correctional Centre. The lab was destroyed during the April 29th alleged attempted prison break, but the Don Bosco Fambul management together with donor partners have provided furniture for the lab and other equipment to start the training of inmates. 

The Manager of the Pademba Correctional Centre Foday Ishmael Kamara pleaded with Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli to help them with computer for the reception and the prison secretary and even his desk has no computer and they are in the process of processing document of prisoner as many were destroyed during the April 29th incident.

Mr Foday Ishmael Kamara thanked Don Bosco for all the support they have been providing for the correctional service including medication, food, cloth and literacy programmes for inmates.

Father Jorge promised to do further rehabilitation and render other support to the prison with the help of donor partners.   


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