Madam Fofanah visiting Don Bosco Fambul 2

Madam Fofanah visited Don Bosco Fambul and gave our children an inspirational talk

On Saturday 6th April, 2019. the 50th Speaker Series was hosted by Don Bosco Fambul with support from Emma Fofanah!

It was our 10th talk and we engaged approximately 165 children.

A story of child violence and trauma

Naasu is a rape victim. She decided to share her story in her 50th speaker series with a theme: “A survivors triumphant story from powerless to power”

She narrates her story to 165 beneficiaries at Don Bosco Fambul. Reminding the children that beating rape is her personal story. As at 15&16 years old she was raped by a clergy man and also her own uncle. She has since lived with the trauma for 33years now.

The 50th Speaker series is aimed at inspiring young girls who have gone through such. she’s been 50 schools and other places to motivate them break their silence and share with them strategies to overcome the trauma of rape.

Some pictures and bio on Madam Naasu Fofanah

Today, Madam Naasu Fofanah is a gender rights activists. Also she is a former united Nations staff and former advisor to the President of Sierra Leone Dr Ernest Bai Koroma.

It was an inspiring afternoon with great ideas from our young people! Thank you Don Bosco for hosting us and we look forward to further collaboration. Thanks to Naasu Fofanah for her inspirational talk.

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