Don Bosco Fambul Clinic Officially Opened

New Don Bosco Fambul Clinic Officially Opened

By Don Bosco PR Department

The Western Area District Health Management Team (DHMT) yesterday Thursday 1st October, 2020 officially opened the health clinic at the Don Bosco Fambul new land at During Town.

The clinic was constructed with support from the Atabal Foundation in Spain and other donor partners to cater for the health and medical needs of vulnerable children and young people under the hospice of Don Bosco Fambul.  

The Director of Don Bosco Fambul, Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli in his address thanked the Western Area District Health Management Team for the official opening and recognition of the Don Bosco Clinic. He stated that the clinic is a small one, but it will be providing high quality medical services and they will be carrying minor surgeries on beneficiaries. The astute Director furthered that, during the week days, there is a trained and qualified Medical Doctor and four nurses who are already working at the clinic catering for the health needs of vulnerable children who were suffering in the streets and there are also two trained and qualified German doctors who are will be also complementing the efforts of the resident doctor and nurses.  

 Father Jorge Crisafulli furthered that vulnerable children don’t only need medical healing, but also psychosocial, emotional and spiritual healing in their existence. He concluded that vulnerable children will find a home, school, play ground, therapy centre and a church to address their various needs at the new Don Bosco Fambul facilities at During Town.

  The representative of the District Medical Officer (DMO) Senior Staff Nurse Isha Kabia in her on behalf of the DHMT by extension the Ministry of Health and Sanitation address thanked the management of Don Bosco Fambul for what they are doing for the vulnerable children of Sierra Leone. She stated that all what Don Bosco is doing is for the betterment of the children of Sierra Leone and their intervention in child protection is unprecedented. She concluded by assuring the management of  Don Bosco of the DHMT’s unflinching support in whatever way hence it is for the children of Sierra Leone because government don’t have the capacity to do everything especially in removing children from the streets.

The clinic comprises a state-of the-art ophthalmology and dentistry unit with brand new sophisticated equipment for tooth extraction and other services.        

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