Our vision

The protection, rehabilitation, family reunification and reintegration into society of children and young people, victims of the most serious violations of their rights in Sierra Leone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, train, form, inspire, and empower young people towards human, social and spiritual growth in line with the goals of the International Cooperation for Development.

Core Values

The core values of Don Bosco Fambul are: Transparency, Mutual respect for each other, Honesty, Accountability and Collective responsibility.

Fr Jorge Crisafuli

Fr. Jorge Crisafulli

director of don bosco fambul

About Don Bosco Fambul

Don Bosco Fambul (DBF) is a Local Non-Governmental Organization which helps children, teenagers and young people who live in situations of high vulnerability in the streets of Freetown. We listen to their plights and cries and attend to their needs in a holistic way. We reunify them with their families and empower them through education and skills training.

The Salesians of Don Bosco, priests and brothers, together with lay people manage the overall work since 1998 during the SL civil war. Our programmes include a Child Care Centre for boys who live in situation of streetism; a girls’ shelter for beneficiaries who have suffered all kind of abuse; a shelter for girls who live in situation of prostitution, and the group home’s programme for children who cannot be reunified with their families.

A Bus goes every night to the streets to detect cases of vulnerability. A programme at Pademba Prison offers hope to inmates through education and psychosocial support. A 24 hours free phone crisis -which covers the whole country- offers free counselling to children in distress. The Hope plus programme offers free education and skills training to girls who live in a situation of prostitution.

Don Bosco Freetown has also a Parish, a Nursery and Primary School and an Oratory and Youth Centre where hundreds of children and young people find joy and hope


Our target groups


I) In street situation. II) In confilct with the law. III) Orphans. IV) Trafficked.


i) Victims of physical and/or sexual abuse. II) Victims of early marriage III) In prostitution. IV) In conflict with the law. V) Victims of trafficking


Children playing at Don Bosco Fambul

Aims & Objectives

To meet and support street children in reunification with their families of origin, extended families, foster families or alternative care

To educate young people to become value based and productive citizens for the development of Sierra Leone

To promote quality education by enabling young men and women to become self reliant

To provide Youth with skill training and economic support to promote self employment

To professionalize our social work, meeting the needs of deprived children and youngsters in the adequate way

Father Jorge Crisafulli - Director DBF

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Everything starts here

Children in need are detected through our extensive and supportive street work or through anonymous calls to our call center

and continues with

Studying each and every individual case and finding the best program that fits each child to rehabilitate and reintegrate them to his/her family and/or society with full rights

we also provide Help in this other cases

Prisons are also part of our current programs. Find out why and how below.
Emergencies are out of our focus, but we can't close our eyes in cases like Ebola, big city fires, or other situations where children remain helpless.

because of our partners we are doing more good for more people!


because of our partners we are doing more good for more people!


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