Service category: Reunification

This is another important aspect of the work of Don Bosco, in all our projects after rehabilitation or temporal shelter all the beneficiaries are reunified to their families of origin, within the period with us in the temporal homes we established relationship with their families to help soften the ground for their reunification.
Reunification services provided by Don Bosco Fambul in the different programs available.

Follow Up

In other to stabilize our beneficiaries when reunified with their parents or other relatives as the case maybe, we have been following-ups to access their needs and to find possible solution to those needs.

Family tracing

Don Bosco work cannot be successfully accomplish without fulfilling this aspect. It is also against the act of the ministry of social welfare gender and children affairs and the state to work with children without the consent and involvement of the parents or family members. Once a beneficiary is contacted and enrolled into our program, …

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Girls Shelter +

Addressed to underage girls in prostitution. Don Bosco takes them out of the streets, offering a safe environment where holistic rehabilitation and healing is carried out . GIRL’S SHELTER PLUS (GO+) During our street work Salesians and staff have discovered a big number of underage girls who are working as sexual workers. They are aged …

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Girls Shelter

Addressed to underage girls who experience violence such as rape, child cruelty, early marriage or any kind of abuse. Don Bosco provides protection, first aid, legal support, food, shelter and counselling The sexual exploitation of girls as well as young women thrives due to harsh economic realities of many families. Parents send their daughter away …

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Child Care Centre

Boys living on the street are rehabilitated in order to be reunified with their families. For their reintegration into the society many of them are granted after reunification with a scholarship to continue their studies in the school or follow a skills training course. Child Care Centre (CCC) is a programme that shelter children who …

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