Don Bosco Mobile

Don Bosco Mobile

Streetwork, whereby social workers visit the slum areas at night with a bus.
They provide street children and girls sexually- exploited with:

Is a programme with a Bus that goes around Freetown Municipalities talking to teenagers who are on the street to return back to their families. Nevertheless, the rebel movement RUF, also state militia recruited thousands of children, drugged them and made them commit most horrific crimes. Today these young people are traumatised, living in a country where the daily events are still determined by the after-effects of the war. It is particularly extreme poverty, hunger and diseases that are concurrent causes of the gravest human rights violations against children and youth. For years now the former British colony has been ranking one of the last on the list of the UNDP (Human Development Index: rank 180 of 182 examined countries)

The project Don Bosco Mobil provides for all the street children in Freetown counselling and attendance in accordance with their individual needs in selected slum areas. Primary target are emergency assistance and the counselling of street children. The additional aim emerging from the initial contact is the street child’s reintegration into its family of origin and extended family or foster family respectively. To pursue these aims, the department Don Bosco Mobil is in close contact with the CCC department of Don Bosco Fambul. Follow-up visits paid to the families are to guarantee that the help be sustainable in the long run.


the street work is an outreach activity which is done on a weekly basis. .It is done at different locations or communities in Freetown and around the country this gives the opportunity to meet with the street kids and young people. It is geared towards educating these kids and young people about their situation and to get them connected to our programs and facilities.

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